Willpower is a tricky thing


Today started week 3 of C25k. Now that the 90 jogs are feeling like a breeze, the 3 minute somehow seemed unbearable. I found the trick last week though. It’s Machine 3. The tv monitor attached to the top of the treadmill comes in the best, and Charmed is on. The Charmed channel doesn’t come in on all the monitors, I learned today. Normally if we get there early enough (505am usually), I can get Machine 3 and all is well with my work out. I can watch Charmed, while listening to Pandora on my phone and lip sync to the songs that get me going. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Well, occasionally I don’t get Machine 3. Today included. The monitor works but it’s not the best picture, and Charmed is not on any of the channels. It’s news, infomercials, or Married with Children (which I normally don’t mind but I am a creature of habit). I sucked it up and endured. The second stretch of the 3 minute run I didn’t complete. The first one was a struggle too. My legs were hurting and I was BEGGING my phone to ping “Start Walking”.

I’ll be honest and just confess I fell off the dietary wagon (yet again) this past week. Well, just Thursday through Sunday. My week started with carefully planned salads and healthy snacks to make it through the day. It ended with a flurry of dining out.  McDonald’s (breakfast on Thursday) , Applebee’s (boss bought us lunch), Quaker Steak & Lube (dinner out with the man), Chinese take-out (co-worker’s hubby bought us lunch), Burger King (lunch on Saturday), movie popcorn (went to movies on Sunday afternoon), then Texas Roadhouse (got out of movies too late to go home and make dinner).


I have excuses for them all, but you know what? I could have made better decisions about what I ate there. Or just said no. Willpower, it’s a tricky thing.

Alas, it’s a new week. There is salad waiting for lunch today. And grilled chicken, asparagus, and possibly a small baked potato for dinner.

Here’s to a new week! How is yours going?

Talk to you soon,


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