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8-second planks and 60-second jogs

This is where I start. An 8-second plank and 60-second jogs. That’s all I can do. Could do. It was about a year ago we (the man and me) started using the app called C25k. It is going to help train us to get up to running a 5k. The first level is 60 seconds intervals with 90-second walks between, for 20 minutes total. That time a year ago I thought I was going to die. My legs were shaky, felt like lead, my heart raced and my throat was on fire. I endured. I could not believe that I couldn’t even run for 60 seconds! If I have to run away from zombies, I’m a goner for sure! I hated running! I think we (ok just me because he can run more than I can!) only got up to 5 minutes at a time!


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I got my first mammogram today

mammogram screening reminder

I had my very first mammogram today. Yay me! I should get one of those adult themed stickers. You know the ones that say, “I paid bills today” or something like that. Remember, I will be turning 42 soon. So most of you have already had this experience. If not, do it. Stop waiting.

I hesitated making the appointment for the mammogram. By several years actually. When I had a tubal done in 2014, the doctor gave me the order for one and told me to get it done the following year. I don’t know what happened to that order. Lost. Who keeps doctor orders for a year? Well, I had to change doctors this year and the new one also gave me another order for a mammogram. It’s time. When it came to call to schedule the appointment, I opened my schedule book and moaned, “UGHHHHH, I really don’t wanna do this.” My procrastination won that day and I found something else to do and I moved along. Another day came (it was probably a week) and I finally sucked it up and called to make the appointment. I don’t recall what the gal’s actual words were, but she seemed genuinely surprised I hadn’t had one yet. Ok, I get it. She prepared me with the usual: arrive 15 minutes early, bring your ID and insurance card. Oh and don’t wear any deodorant or perfume.

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