About me

Pinterest isn’t working right now, so thought I’d start this project that has been buzzing around my head for the past year.

Hi. I’m Janelle. I’m going to be your new slightly awkward witty friend. Except I’m 41. And a grandma.. well, “Grammy” is what I would like them to call me. Do you have other friends like me? Are you like me? Well, I see a lot of blogs from younger women, in their 20’s and early 30’s (and yes, I am sure there are other 40+ women) and they are SO together! Making good meals, crafting, saving and making money. It’s inspired me. So, if you have a blog and are busy on Pinterest (that’s my favorite social media site now), then you have probably helped mold me in my new found youth.

Here’s the story.

I got divorced 3 years ago. I have three children, two grandchildren, a very loving boyfriend, and his daughter round out my circle.

Last year I switched careers. I went from a supervisory role at a home health agency to a full time insurance office. Yep, even got my property & casualty license! Go me!

Last year I quit smoking. My boyfriend and I did it together and I cannot even think about how much money I wasted. I’m still recovering.

Last year I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Oh hey! Let’s add something else. So, here starts my new health journey. I’m lucky in that I only have to take a pill and changed my diet. I am trying to losing weight. I am also attempting to not say “try”.. see what I did there?

So, I have hopes that this blog will help others in their 40’s (or whatever age) see they are not alone and share my journey of changing my life. Although, truth be told, it’s pretty damn good right now.

And this begins the journey of losing weight, getting healthy, saving money, loving grandbabies, and maybe even learning to cook!

 Thanks for reading!