My First Mammogram Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I had my first mammogram at the age of 41. The technician warned me that being my first screening, they may need a second mammogram for comparisons and not to worry. Well, they did and I kind of did worry.

What should have taken days has taken two weeks. But it’s over now.

When I called to schedule my second mammogram, the scheduler noticed they did not put my birthdate on it. That was an easy fix. During the conversation about scheduling, the scheduler is trying to get me in as soon as possible and I’m saying, really it’s fine. “You’re having right breast pain?” she asks. “No, I’m not having any pain.” I reply. “Seriously?” This obviously causes me to be concerned and I explained the situation again how the doctor wanted a better picture, because this is my first one, all that stuff.

Hmmm.. Well, they put the diagnosis wrong on the order. The scheduler wants to confirm with my doctor before continuing. She called me back a few times to let me know she is waiting for a reply from them then we can get my 2nd mammogram scheduled. I waited another day and called my doctor’s office to see if they’d sent the order. I had to leave a message. I called the next day to the women’s center and didn’t speak to my normal scheduler. The new scheduler told me it still read “right breast pain” as the diagnosis.

I was hesitant to schedule the screening because I’ve worked in healthcare. I know the crap a wrong diagnosis can do to billing and insurance. A third call to the doctor’s office about the order proved more helpful. The nurse said she would write a new order and I could pick it up at the front desk. Phew, ok, now we are back on track.

“Patty” my original scheduler called me the following the Monday. She had been on vacation the previous week and she was just going through her stuff and checked on my order. I told her they had it for me and I was going to pick it up. She was upset for me. This should have been done and over with, she said. Now, I wasn’t upset. It was just frustrating. I ended up calling the doctor’s office back and requested they fax it over instead.

I’m not going to deny there were thoughts that crossed my mind about my results. What if they do find something? But I am a believer in how your thoughts shape your reality, so I told myself I was fine and not to overreact. Even up to the last minute of my screening.

The technicians are so nice though. Somehow that helped calm my mind. After some delicate placement and not so pleasant scanning, she was ready to review the images with the on-site doctor. I have to save these hurt a little more than the first set. It’s not horrible though and it’s over quickly. She brought me a small bottle of water and left the room to review with the doctor. She was barely gone 3 minutes (if that even), and came to tell me that it was normal breast tissue and I was clear for another year. PHEW!

I left the clinic relieved and thankful. I remind myself, not everyone gets that result. Not everyone gets to walk out smiling. Maybe one day I won’t either. But for now, it’s important to keep doing the screenings and pay attention to my body. It’s changing all the time. And yours is too.

Thanks for reading!

Talk to you soon,


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