Beating back procrastination!



I am such a procrastinator. I don’t even want to write this now. I went from the idea of working out in the living room. Hold on, going to tidy up and make the bed. Opened Word and the blog. Paid bills instead. Now I’ve been playing with the settings on Word Press for the past 20 or so minutes. Then I grabbed my phone sitting nearby to see if there was a picture I’d like to use for my profile. Nah.. And that lead to Facebook browsing.

Any of this sound familiar? Good. I don’t think I am alone.

We had a big snow storm yesterday here in NW Indiana. We were without power for about 7 hours. And as a result, my day job office is closed until noon which leaves me to “extra” time. This leads to the age old question. When faced with down time, should I relax or do something productive? I have been up since 6am and its 930a now so I’m guessing I’ve had enough of leisure time. (Is that even possible??) I have browsed Pinterest, Facebook, watched the news, had breakfast AND a snack, put blankets and candles away from yesterday. And now I am just waiting to go get ready for work.

Let me tell you I purchased this blog last year. I can’t remember what month. But I have puttered around, read all kinds of other blog posts about blogging. Made notes about topics I’d like to cover, even wrote some in my head. But sitting here at the desk actually typing or DOING something productive has seemed to escape me. You know what that is? FEAR. Add to that the notion that things have to be “perfect” before beginning an adventure. I have done a few things in preparation of this blog going live. And after each thing is taken care of, I’d think of something else that needed to be accomplished. I really wanted to have more posts ready to roll but that hasn’t happened. So, I am going to just dive in.

It’s not pretty and I’m learning as I go. But it’s like all things in my life, its baby steps. Every step you take is a step.

So, here goes nothing kids. I am putting myself out there.  And this picture has nothing to do with procrastination, but maybe a visual metaphor for a journey. Yeah, that sounds good. 😉

This is what is going to happen. I am going to talk about having Type 2 Diabetes (and trying to beat it!), losing weight, working out, getting out of debt, and what I learn about relationships (with everyone). I hope you find something in common with me and enjoy this journey with me!

Thanks for reading!

~ Janelle


3 thoughts on “Beating back procrastination!

  1. Hi Janelle,

    We both received the Liebster Award from Erin of Bottom Left of the Mitten. I was drawn to your blog after reading your answers to her questions.

    I am leaning toward posting about life changes that I am going through as I get closer to 50! Yikes! Over the last couple of years, it’s really become apparent to me that I am closing in on the half-century mark and haven’t accomplished or done nearly as much as I thought I would by now. And the focus of your blog feels very close to what I am trying to move toward with mine.

    Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you on the award and cheer you on to continue writing about your experiences.

    p.s. I too bought my blog and domain over a year before I started actually posting to it, because of fear and always, always finding something else that I wanted to learn before I went live with it. Plus, perfectionism.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hi! Congrats on your award too! That perfectionism is a kicker, isn’t it!? I’ll definitely be stopping by your blog to check it out!

  2. Your method of explaining the whole thing in this post is in fact pleasant, every one be capable of effortlessly be aware of it, Thanks a lot.

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